If you haven’t heard about Pokémon Go, you are surely living under a rock or in a cave with no Wi-Fi.  Who would have thought that a game that became so popular in the 90’s would come back so strong today?  And that our kids would rather play the game they were so familiar with then some new game.  It just goes to show that our world of ever changing technology can take something old and make it new and exciting again.

The same feelings can be said in the Dynamics GP community.  Many of us have been around since the beginning, or pretty close to the beginning, and we love this product and community.  As the Pokémon Go fever has taken hold, it made me think of the many other similarities between the Dynamics GP community and Pokémon.

Let’s start with the Pokémon; those pesky little creatures (Pocket Monsters – did you know that?) roaming the earth while the Pokémon Trainers catch and train them for battle.  Pokémon come in different shapes and size and some with more power than others.   Does this sound familiar?  All of those customers around the globe and partners trying to gather as many as they can…. And training them.  “Gotta catch ‘em all!”

Then you have Pokestops.  These are incredible places where, with the flick of your finger you gain great tools for your journey.  The Dynamics GP community has Pokestops in the form of CustomerSource, GPUG Forums, partner resource websites, etc.  All giving partners and customers incredible tools for their journey.

I could actually go on and on about the similarities between these two: Gyms, where you battle other trainers.  We’ve all dealt with competitors and used other Pokémon, I mean customers, as references to win deals.  Incense to lure Pokémon are your marketing materials, incubators to hatch eggs are no different than your nurture campaigns for prospects, and on and on and on.  But to me one of the most striking things is how something that was so loved years ago, and has really been around all along, has come out with a new flare, new features and is reigniting that original love.

Dynamics GP and the community as a whole has always been loved and has been relevant all along and now there is new flare, new features and new functionality to reinforce just how wonderful this product and community really are.  There is nothing sexier and shinier than the new HTML 5 web client for Dynamics GP 2016.  To top that off, PowerGP Online (the rich functionality of Dynamics GP powered by the Microsoft Cloud) is adding new spunk with these cool new features:

  • Interactive Dashboards and predictive analytics with Power BI

  • Excel based financial reporting with Jet Reports

  • Access to Office365, PowerBI and PowerGP Online through Single Sign On

  • The power to do business from anywhere with PowerGP Mobile and theHTML5 web client

Just as Pokémon Go has given people around the globe a reason to get up and move; PowerGP Online will give the Dynamics GP community a reason to go catch some Pokémon of your own.

Click Here to find out more about PowerGP Online which is sold exclusively through Dynamics GP Partners.  Also, make sure you are at ReImagine 2016 in Fargo, ND for the official PowerGP Online launch event!