Dynamics GP and Pokémon Go: Something old is new again.

If you haven’t heard about Pokémon Go, you are surely living under a rock or in a cave with no Wi-Fi.  Who would have thought that a game that became so popular in the 90’s would come back so strong today?  And that our kids would rather play the game they were so familiar with then some new game.  It just goes to show that our world of ever changing technology can take something old and make it new and exciting again. The same feelings can be said in the Dynamics GP community.  Many of us have been around since the beginning, or pretty close to the beginning, and we love this product and community.  As the Pokémon Go fever has taken hold, it made me think of the many other similarities between the Dynamics GP community and Pokémon. Let’s start with the Pokémon; those pesky little creatures (Pocket Monsters – did you know that?) roaming the earth while the Pokémon Trainers catch and train them for battle.  Pokémon come in different shapes and size and some with more power than others.   Does this sound familiar?  All of those customers around the globe and partners trying to gather as many as they can…. And training them.  “Gotta catch ‘em all!” Then you have Pokestops.  These are incredible places where, with the flick of your finger you gain great tools for your journey.  The Dynamics GP community has Pokestops in the form of CustomerSource, GPUG Forums, partner resource websites, etc.  All [...]

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Microsoft Cloud Terminology

The inaugural Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer Conference, Amplify, was an important display of Microsoft’s commitment to Dynamics GP; and with Microsoft focusing on a “Mobile first, Cloud first” world, it is essential that you look at and define your Cloud strategy. You need to be informed, prepared, and ready when a prospect or customer asks about your Cloud offerings and requests a quote! While most GP Partners are familiar with On-Premise/Perpetual Licensing model for GP, the terrain and terminology differs in the Microsoft Cloud world and you may not be as familiar, so I’m going to arm you with Cloud terminology used with Microsoft, and our NjevityToGo Cloud Partner offerings. BYOL (Bring Your Own License)/Hosting The customer has purchased On-Premise Concurrent User Licenses, and wants to have them hosted in the Cloud. The customer must have an active maintenance plan on their Dynamics products in order to bring Dynamics licenses to the Cloud. Subscription The customer secures Named Users Licenses via Subscription rather than buy user licenses up front and then continue to pay annual maintenance, as with On-Premise Concurrent User licenses. The Subscription model is essentially “renting” the software licenses. Named Users While Concurrent User licenses are used in the Microsoft Dynamics On-Premise/Perpetual world, with Cloud, Microsoft requires that all licenses are for Named Users. Generic users, ‘Shipping Dept.’, or multiple users logging in under one Named User within a Cloud Environment is not allowed. User Deactivation The user will be deactivated and no longer have access the Cloud [...]

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The Bright Future of Dynamics GP

Take a moment to think about what you love about Dynamics GP.  Is it the great functionality?  Perhaps you romanticize about its storied past?  Well, Njevity is giving you something more to love, a bright future! Njevity has been working with Microsoft to deliver a solution that leverages current technology to deliver a Dynamics GP experience your customers will love.  No matter if you have a customer just starting up, needing to replace Quickbooks or wanting more out of their business applications, PowerGP Online has a plan that will scale with their business. So what separates PowerGP Online from all other Dynamics GP Cloud offerings? Reliability PowerGP Online leverages HTML5, the most talked about new functionality in the GP 2016 release.  Users will access PowerGP Online through the web client meaning they can use any browser on any device.  There is zero requirement for Remote Desktop with PowerGP Online.  Plus, since PowerGP Online is delivered exclusively through Azure, you and your customers will have the peace of mind knowing their data is secure. Visibility We are giving your customers what they want, easy access to their data. With user specific dashboards and KPI’s, refreshable financial data running on their local installs of Excel and integration with Power BI, PowerGP Online delivers powerful analytics right at their fingertips. Mobility Yes, there is an app.  The PowerGP Mobile app gives your customer’s access directly to Dynamics GP anywhere any time from their tablet. Scalability PowerGP Online is the perfect solution for any [...]

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Aligning Dynamics GP with Microsoft’s ‘Mobile First, Cloud First’ vision.

(Greenwood Village, CO) NjevityToGo announced the upcoming release of PowerGP Online at GPUG’s inaugural Amplify event in Anaheim, CA.  The announcement was made during the Microsoft Partner Power Hour and comes after months of planning, collaborating with Microsoft and architecting the Microsoft Cloud infrastructure. With the Dynamics GP 2016 release on May 1st the offering will soon be finalized and ready for a Fall 2016 release. “We have put together a cloud solution for Dynamics GP partners that not only uniquely aligns Dynamics GP with Satya Nadella’s ‘Mobile First, Cloud First’ vision, but also embraces the big Microsoft waves of Azure, Office 365 and PowerBI.  This provides our partners a rapid go-to-market opportunity with a cloud ERP solution that leverages their extensive knowledge of Dynamics GP and that does not require them to invest in a new product or a new community. For our customers, PowerGP Online provides an exceptional cloud experience that combines the most widely used mid-market ERP solution in North America with the latest cloud technologies,” says Chris Dobkins, President of Njevity. PowerGP Online will be a SaaS offering deployed 100% through the Dynamics GP HTML5 Web Client and Mobile Apps, allowing customers and their employees to have role specific access to their financial, sales and inventory data anywhere, anytime on any device.  Additionally, this offering will provide local, Excel based analytics and reporting as well as integration with Microsoft PowerBI and Office365. It will be sold exclusively through the Dynamics GP partner channel. Senior Product Marketing [...]

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Join Njevity for a revolutionary announcement at Amplify!

If you are wondering what all of this recent news means to you and your Dynamics GP customers, and if you are attending Microsoft Amplify in Anaheim, then you are in luck. Pam Misialek, Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft Dynamics SMB, will be hosting a Not-So-Secret Partner Update and Cocktail Reception on Sunday, May 22, from 5:15-7:00PM in the Platinum Ballroom 2 at the Marriott Anaheim.  This meeting will cover certain not-to-be-named topics for Partner and ISV ears only.  This event is open to any partner or ISV whether you are registered for Amplify or not.  Be there for the news. Be there for the booze. Be there to get your questions answered. Just be there. But wait. There’s more. What, you may ask, could possibly top a little straight talk from Microsoft on Madiera and Management Reporter? Can I interest you in an announcement from your friendly neighborhood NjevityToGo Cloud team about how you can help ensure that Dynamics GP solidifies its position as the leading ERP solution for SMB’s in North America? Or perhaps your curiosity might be better piqued with an opportunity to learn about an exciting new product coming to market that is built on Dynamics GP 2016, Powered by the Microsoft Cloud and designed to help you win against those pesky, born-in-the-cloud ERP competitors? You love Dynamics GP. You love this community. You really want to be in this room on Sunday night. See you there!

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What does Dynamics 365 mean to Dynamics GP Partners?

Lately the chatter in the Microsoft community has been around the Dynamics 365 announcement, but since that announcement there has been more confusion then answers in the partner community.  If you are a Dynamics GP partner, what does Dynamics 365 mean to you?  Do you have to learn how NAV works or how this new solution works?  The answer is no! So, I’ll admit, the Dynamics 365 demo was pretty cool.  For a front end user interacting with customers on orders, it seemed almost revolutionary.  But then I thought, what will a back office users see?  How will they interact with this new product? So I downloaded the preview.  The download and setup was quick and easy – I like that.  Then I went to do a journal entry…. I didn’t even know what I was looking at, and I have an accounting degree. I am a long time Dynamics GP person (I say person, because I have worked throughout the channel).  I have been in this space for 20 years.  It is the product I know.  The product I trust and the product I know has worked for tens of thousands of customers around the world.  As cool as Dynamics 365 seems, it is still a new product and I don’t know what its potential is for a partner organization. As a long time Dynamics GP person I am proud to talk about PowerGP Online.  Our team has been working with Microsoft to deliver to you, our partners, Dynamics GP on Azure.  PowerGP [...]

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Are You Ready for PowerGP Online?

Microsoft has announced the release of Dynamics GP 2016, set for May 1st.  With that release comes a new HTML5 web client, allowing users to access Dynamics GP from any browser and any device.  With all of this exciting news, Njevity asked, “How can we make this offering even better?”  The answer, of course, is by leveraging Microsoft Azure to provide a full Microsoft stack cloud solution. Now this is not necessarily new, but what many Microsoft Dynamics partners are finding is deploying Dynamics GP on Azure is not cheap and it is not easy. Njevity has been working with the Dynamics GP team at Microsoft to configure, test and deploy a 100% web client offering, deployed on Microsoft Azure. Njevity would like to announce PowerGP Online! As a Dynamics GP partner, the benefits to you are: PowerGP Online will only be sold through a partner channel, which means sales margins and services revenue It is Dynamics GP, so you already know the product, you just need to change your selling motions. If you don’t have a strong demand generation or lead nurturing engine, no problem, PowerGP Online will help you. Create a repeatable go-to-market offering that just works without a lot effort that makes you easy money.  PowerGP BI will help you do that. Three solution packages to offer customers, including some of the ISV’s you love and use most often Click Here for more information about PowerGP Online and big announcements for Partners at Amplify in Anaheim, CA, [...]

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How does Project Management fit in a Microsoft Dynamics GP World?

Part 1: Communications Management I was on a support call the other day, when we were discussing why an annual deadline had been missed.  During the conversation, it was brought up that we had not effectively tracked the deadline nor effectively communicated that deadline to each other.  Our Customer then explained that in an effort to improve their business practices they were moving toward a project organization and have hired project managers to begin working in their organization. I left the meeting thinking that a turn toward project management was a great idea for this customer.  After all, one of the three primary constraints of any project is Time or in this case Schedule, and that is important during the entire customer life cycle, not just through implementation.  Another tenet of project management is developing and managing a Communications Plan.  So, perhaps, a project manager could apply project methodologies to effectively track deadlines and communicate those deadlines to the correct parties. During this blog series, I am going to explore how Project Management fits in a Microsoft Dynamics GP World.  As I explore this topic, I thought it best to concentrate on one project management tenet at a time. The first tenet to explore is Communications Management since one of the most important activity of a project manager is to keep stakeholders informed on the progress of a project. A good project Communications Management Plan ensures that you have effective communications throughout the life of your project.  The plan documents [...]

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