Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 and OData, close but no cigar

Prior to the release of GP2016, I was super excited about the new OData feature.  I was so looking forward to a live method of sharing data in SQL Server (from Microsoft Dynamics GP) to Microsoft Power BI and Excel, regardless of whether the data is on Premise or in the Cloud.  Big sentence, big request. So what is OData anyways? OData is a set of rules and procedures that allow users to access data via an API, even allowing users to create API’s.  OData stands for Open Data Protocol.  OData will provide you a consistent experience accessing data from anywhere on any device. So what is an API then? API’s are a set of programming instructions that allow one piece of software to access data from another piece of software.  API stands for Application Programming Interface.  A good example of this is when a game you play on your iPad prompts you to use Facebook credentials for the game log in.  The game is using an API to get your log in information from Facebook instead of creating a log in system of their own.  The API will create a secure URL called an “Endpoint” to expose only the data you want exposed, and nothing else. Putting it together Obviously it is much more technical than I spell it out here, but if you were not sure what it all does, this will give you a bit of a foundation.  To put the pieces together for our world, let’s [...]

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PowerGP Online announces preview date and release date

Stacy Dose 303-242-8290 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Greenwood Village, CO) PowerGP Online, a new Dynamics GP SaaS offering that is powered by Microsoft Azure, will become available on December 5, 2016. This announcement was made by Njevity during a partner training event at GPUG Summit in Tampa, FL. Along with the product release date announcement, a partner preview date of November, 1st was also announced.  The partner preview will give Njevity partners preview access to PowerGP Online for testing and demonstration purposes. “We feel that the solution we have put together gives partners another cloud option to compete against other SaaS offerings.  There is no need for them to learn new technology or retrain their consulting staff.  PowerGP Online is built on Dynamics GP and Powered by Microsoft Azure allowing partners to continue to grow their business with the product they know while offering customers an easy entry into ERP,” says Stacy Dose, Manager of Sales and Marketing. PowerGP Online is a SaaS offering deployed 100% through the Dynamics GP HTML5 Web Client. All licensed users of PowerGP Online will also have access to PowerGP Mobile, a proprietary iPad mobile app, giving customers visibility into their financial data anywhere at any time.  PowerGP Online also includes user friendly screen modifications, additional SmartLists and Jet Report content packs.  It will be sold exclusively through the Dynamics GP partner channel. About NjevityToGo NjevityToGo offers Dynamics GP partners with safe, secure and trusted cloud solutions to provide to their customers that are [...]

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