How does Project Management fit in a Microsoft Dynamics GP World?

Part 1: Communications Management I was on a support call the other day, when we were discussing why an annual deadline had been missed.  During the conversation, it was brought up that we had not effectively tracked the deadline nor effectively communicated that deadline to each other.  Our Customer then explained that in an effort to improve their business practices they were moving toward a project organization and have hired project managers to begin working in their organization. I left the meeting thinking that a turn toward project management was a great idea for this customer.  After all, one of the three primary constraints of any project is Time or in this case Schedule, and that is important during the entire customer life cycle, not just through implementation.  Another tenet of project management is developing and managing a Communications Plan.  So, perhaps, a project manager could apply project methodologies to effectively track deadlines and communicate those deadlines to the correct parties. During this blog series, I am going to explore how Project Management fits in a Microsoft Dynamics GP World.  As I explore this topic, I thought it best to concentrate on one project management tenet at a time. The first tenet to explore is Communications Management since one of the most important activity of a project manager is to keep stakeholders informed on the progress of a project. A good project Communications Management Plan ensures that you have effective communications throughout the life of your project.  The plan documents [...]