Why Dynamics Partners Choose NjevityToGo

A Solution for Every Customer

Help your Customers choose the perfect Hosting or Cloud solution to meet their needs.

The next evolution of Dynamics GP. PowerGP Online is a SaaS solution that is built on Dynamics GP, powered by the Microsoft Cloud, and sold exclusively through Dynamics GP Partners. Everything your customers need to manage their business out of the box.

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BYOL (Bring Your Own License) plans are perfect for existing Dynamics GP customers who are current on their Dynamics Enhancement Plan and are ready to ditch their on premise servers for a rich cloud experience. Upgrades are a perfect time for BYOL customers to move their licenses to the cloud and light up cool new features such as the HTML5 Web Client, Jet Reports and PowerBI while paying a low per user per month fee for their managed Cloud environment.

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Subscription plans have all the great features of BYOL plans, but they also include your Dynamics licenses. They are ideal for new Dynamics GP Customers who prefer the flexibility of paying just for the software they use. Subscription plans can also be the right solution for existing Dynamics GP customers who have lapsed on their Enhancement Plan and are facing significant penalties to get current. With subscription plans, customers get everything they need for a low per user per month fee to connect to and use their Dynamics Business Applications in the Cloud.

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Infrastructure as a Service plans are well suited for customers who need their cloud experience customized to their unique needs, but still want the Dynamics experts managing, optimizing and protecting their Cloud environment. Instead of paying based upon the number of users they have, IaaS customers pay a monthly fee for the Servers and Resources they need to successfully run their business in the cloud. NjevityToGo offers both private Cloud and public Microsoft Azure Cloud options to our IaaS customers.

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Happy NjevityToGo Partners with Happy Cloud Customers

“Regarding SummitCloud, I receive positive feedback continuously on the performance and stability of the environment. With the assurance of systems being maintained, monitored and fully backed up, our clients feel a sense of relief and see the value.

On behalf of our users within SummitCloud-GP and myself – a huge THANK YOU to the super awesome Njevity team.”

Randal Mayer, Summit Group Software