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Attention Dynamics GP Customers and Partners: We Need Your Help to celebrate Fabrikam Day!

Back in 2007, Microsoft refreshed the Dynamics GP sample data. When they did this, they changed the name of the GP Sample Company from The World On-Line to Fabrikam and they set the Sample Company date to April 12, 2017. This date, which is now only a few weeks away, has become known in the Dynamics GP Community as Fabrikam Day. For more information on Fabrikam Day, check out Amber Bell’s blog here. Fabrikam Day is the perfect opportunity for those of us in the Dynamics GP community to celebrate the large, global, diverse community and Customers and Partners that wake up every day and use Dynamics GP to make their business better. But we need your help! We are asking Dynamics GP Customers and Partners all over the world to send us pictures of themselves taken with a sign that says #FabrikamDay. These pictures could be taken in your office with your team, in front of a landmark that uniquely represents your location, or any where else of your choosing. Melissa and I took this picture in front of Coors Field in Denver, Colorado, as an example. But please feel free to be creative with your pictures. We will take the best submissions and use them in a Fabrikam Day video that we will post on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In to help us all celebrate and promote our amazing community. To submit your photos, either post them to twitter with the hashtag #FabrikamDay or email to FabrikamDay@powergponline.com. Join [...]

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PowerGP Online announces General Availability

Njevity, Inc. is happy to announce that PowerGP Online is now ready for general availability as of February 1, 2017.  PowerGP Online is now available to all Dynamics GP partners, who complete a standard partner agreement.  It is also running on Dynamics GP 2016 R2. PowerGP Online, built on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 and powered by the Microsoft Cloud, has been specially configured to give customers a true SaaS (Software as a Service) offering for Dynamics GP; a product with a 20-year track record that is currently in use by over 40,000 customers.  Not only does PowerGP Online contain additional SmartLists and content packs for Jet Reports and Power BI, it also includes a GPUG Membership, user experience enhancing customizations, and our very own PowerGP Mobile App and PowerGP Import Tool. The general release now supports Dynamics GP 2016 R2, which comes with a host of features and functionality, but it also now has Power BI on the home page and PowerGP Connect. PowerGP Connect is a web service which allows customers to access data in PowerGP Online within other applications, such as Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Excel.  While Microsoft has a generic way for this to be done, we have created a complete solution which provides improved connectivity to Power BI and Excel.  Not only is this solution optimized but it also comes with default views for Power BI, adding more value and easier access to data. PowerGP Online offers two editions and three user levels per edition.  [...]

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PowerGP Online is now available for Limited Release for Partners

Njevity, Inc. is happy to announce the release of PowerGP Online on Monday, December 5th, 2016, to a limited group of partners who participated in a partner preview .  General release is expected in Q1 2017. PowerGP Online, built on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 and powered by the Microsoft Cloud, has been specially configured to give customers a true SaaS (Software as a Service) offering for Dynamics GP that is based on a product with a 20 year track record that is currently in use by over 40,000 customers.  Not only does PowerGP Online contain additional SmartLists and content packs for Jet Reports and Power BI, it also includes a GPUG Membership, user experience enhancing customizations, and our very own PowerGP Mobile App and PowerGP Import Tool. With the Dynamics GP 2016 HTML5 web client, users will have a 100% web client experience, meaning they can access their data from anywhere, anytime on any browser and any device.  Jet Reports and Power BI are included to give users new insight into their data and the ability to create reports and dashboards for anyone in the business.  To complete the solution, users can add Office 365 and enjoy single sign-on for ease of use. PowerGP Online offers two editions: Essentials and Professional.  Each edition comes with three user levels ranging from Mobile only users to Full Access users.  Companies that choose the Professional Edition will also be able to add additional supported ISV products and customizations. PowerGP Online is being sold [...]

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 and OData, close but no cigar

Prior to the release of GP2016, I was super excited about the new OData feature.  I was so looking forward to a live method of sharing data in SQL Server (from Microsoft Dynamics GP) to Microsoft Power BI and Excel, regardless of whether the data is on Premise or in the Cloud.  Big sentence, big request. So what is OData anyways? OData is a set of rules and procedures that allow users to access data via an API, even allowing users to create API’s.  OData stands for Open Data Protocol.  OData will provide you a consistent experience accessing data from anywhere on any device. So what is an API then? API’s are a set of programming instructions that allow one piece of software to access data from another piece of software.  API stands for Application Programming Interface.  A good example of this is when a game you play on your iPad prompts you to use Facebook credentials for the game log in.  The game is using an API to get your log in information from Facebook instead of creating a log in system of their own.  The API will create a secure URL called an “Endpoint” to expose only the data you want exposed, and nothing else. Putting it together Obviously it is much more technical than I spell it out here, but if you were not sure what it all does, this will give you a bit of a foundation.  To put the pieces together for our world, let’s [...]

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PowerGP Online announces preview date and release date

Stacy Dose 303-242-8290 Sdose@njevity.com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Greenwood Village, CO) PowerGP Online, a new Dynamics GP SaaS offering that is powered by Microsoft Azure, will become available on December 5, 2016. This announcement was made by Njevity during a partner training event at GPUG Summit in Tampa, FL. Along with the product release date announcement, a partner preview date of November, 1st was also announced.  The partner preview will give Njevity partners preview access to PowerGP Online for testing and demonstration purposes. “We feel that the solution we have put together gives partners another cloud option to compete against other SaaS offerings.  There is no need for them to learn new technology or retrain their consulting staff.  PowerGP Online is built on Dynamics GP and Powered by Microsoft Azure allowing partners to continue to grow their business with the product they know while offering customers an easy entry into ERP,” says Stacy Dose, Manager of Sales and Marketing. PowerGP Online is a SaaS offering deployed 100% through the Dynamics GP HTML5 Web Client. All licensed users of PowerGP Online will also have access to PowerGP Mobile, a proprietary iPad mobile app, giving customers visibility into their financial data anywhere at any time.  PowerGP Online also includes user friendly screen modifications, additional SmartLists and Jet Report content packs.  It will be sold exclusively through the Dynamics GP partner channel. About NjevityToGo NjevityToGo offers Dynamics GP partners with safe, secure and trusted cloud solutions to provide to their customers that are [...]

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reIMAGINE 2016 – Fun in Fargo from an Insider

Fargo bound for the best Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner Conference on the planet, reIMAGINE 2016? If so, as a Platinum Sponsor of reIMAGINE, NjevityToGo is excited to host you at the event! And as both an Njevity Team Member and lifetime Fargo area resident, I thought I would note some neat places you might enjoy while you’re visiting these beautiful North Dakota Great Plains and our Red River Valley. Of course we’ll see everyone at the Downtown Experience Tuesday night. Be sure to visit NjevityToGo at the Pickled Parrot for FREE food, drinks, t-shirt giveaways, and fun entertainment. Otherwise, here are a few insider tips for fun outside of the Downtown realm… And yes, we have taxi and Uber services and no, you won’t be riding a horse like we saw onstage at Stampede from days gone by. J Stop by Widman’s Candy for world famous Fargo “Chippers,” chocolate covered potato chips. I know, I know, but you won’t be able to get enough of them once you’ve tried ‘em. Don your plaid NjevityToGo Fargo Bomber Hat (yah, you betcha!) if you were lucky enough to get one at reIMAGINE 2014 and take your team on a walk through Fargo’s Island Park. Breathe in the fresh, clean, crisp air and clear your brain. See the artistic side of the city and gain some culture at the Plains Art Museum, also featuring a café and museum store. With farming being everyone’s bread and butter here in ND, the Plains is appropriately [...]

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Powered Up and Fargo Bound

It is that time of year again.  No, not football season.  It’s time for the annual trek to Fargo for reIMAGINE 2016; the annual Dynamics GP event dedicated to learning, networking and career development for Dynamics GP partner organizations. NjevityToGo is proud to announce their Platinum Sponsorship for the 2016 event, which will also kick off the official launch of PowerGP Online - a SaaS solution built on Dynamics GP, powered by the Azure Cloud, and sold exclusively through the Dynamics GP Partner Channel. During the three-day event there will be many opportunities to talk to the team and learn more about this exciting new offering. Partner Solution Showcases: NjevityToGo will have two sponsor sessions dedicated to educating partners on selling and supporting PowerGP Online. PowerGP Online: a SaaS Solution GP Prospects will LOVE! Monday, September 19, 2016  - 12:00 PM – 12:30PM – Hilton Garden Inn And Get Started Implementing PowerGP Online Today! Tuesday, September 20, 2016 – 11:45 AM – 12:15 PM – Microsoft Campus Downtown Experience:  After Tuesday night’s keynote at the Historic Fargo Theatre, join NjevityToGo at The Pickled Parrot for FREE drinks, FREE food and FREE karaoke.  While there, talk with one of the NjevityToGo team to get a FREE t-shirt. Tuesday, September 20, 2016 – 7:00 PM – 12:00 AM The Pickled Parrot – 505 3rd Ave. N, Fargo Private Appointment: Want some one-on-one time with a team member?  NjevityToGo will have team members at both locations throughout the event and we would love to meet with [...]

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Dynamics GP and Pokémon Go: Something old is new again.

If you haven’t heard about Pokémon Go, you are surely living under a rock or in a cave with no Wi-Fi.  Who would have thought that a game that became so popular in the 90’s would come back so strong today?  And that our kids would rather play the game they were so familiar with then some new game.  It just goes to show that our world of ever changing technology can take something old and make it new and exciting again. The same feelings can be said in the Dynamics GP community.  Many of us have been around since the beginning, or pretty close to the beginning, and we love this product and community.  As the Pokémon Go fever has taken hold, it made me think of the many other similarities between the Dynamics GP community and Pokémon. Let’s start with the Pokémon; those pesky little creatures (Pocket Monsters – did you know that?) roaming the earth while the Pokémon Trainers catch and train them for battle.  Pokémon come in different shapes and size and some with more power than others.   Does this sound familiar?  All of those customers around the globe and partners trying to gather as many as they can…. And training them.  “Gotta catch ‘em all!” Then you have Pokestops.  These are incredible places where, with the flick of your finger you gain great tools for your journey.  The Dynamics GP community has Pokestops in the form of CustomerSource, GPUG Forums, partner resource websites, etc.  All [...]

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Microsoft Cloud Terminology

The inaugural Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer Conference, Amplify, was an important display of Microsoft’s commitment to Dynamics GP; and with Microsoft focusing on a “Mobile first, Cloud first” world, it is essential that you look at and define your Cloud strategy. You need to be informed, prepared, and ready when a prospect or customer asks about your Cloud offerings and requests a quote! While most GP Partners are familiar with On-Premise/Perpetual Licensing model for GP, the terrain and terminology differs in the Microsoft Cloud world and you may not be as familiar, so I’m going to arm you with Cloud terminology used with Microsoft, and our NjevityToGo Cloud Partner offerings. BYOL (Bring Your Own License)/Hosting The customer has purchased On-Premise Concurrent User Licenses, and wants to have them hosted in the Cloud. The customer must have an active maintenance plan on their Dynamics products in order to bring Dynamics licenses to the Cloud. Subscription The customer secures Named Users Licenses via Subscription rather than buy user licenses up front and then continue to pay annual maintenance, as with On-Premise Concurrent User licenses. The Subscription model is essentially “renting” the software licenses. Named Users While Concurrent User licenses are used in the Microsoft Dynamics On-Premise/Perpetual world, with Cloud, Microsoft requires that all licenses are for Named Users. Generic users, ‘Shipping Dept.’, or multiple users logging in under one Named User within a Cloud Environment is not allowed. User Deactivation The user will be deactivated and no longer have access the Cloud [...]

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The Bright Future of Dynamics GP

Take a moment to think about what you love about Dynamics GP.  Is it the great functionality?  Perhaps you romanticize about its storied past?  Well, Njevity is giving you something more to love, a bright future! Njevity has been working with Microsoft to deliver a solution that leverages current technology to deliver a Dynamics GP experience your customers will love.  No matter if you have a customer just starting up, needing to replace Quickbooks or wanting more out of their business applications, PowerGP Online has a plan that will scale with their business. So what separates PowerGP Online from all other Dynamics GP Cloud offerings? Reliability PowerGP Online leverages HTML5, the most talked about new functionality in the GP 2016 release.  Users will access PowerGP Online through the web client meaning they can use any browser on any device.  There is zero requirement for Remote Desktop with PowerGP Online.  Plus, since PowerGP Online is delivered exclusively through Azure, you and your customers will have the peace of mind knowing their data is secure. Visibility We are giving your customers what they want, easy access to their data. With user specific dashboards and KPI’s, refreshable financial data running on their local installs of Excel and integration with Power BI, PowerGP Online delivers powerful analytics right at their fingertips. Mobility Yes, there is an app.  The PowerGP Mobile app gives your customer’s access directly to Dynamics GP anywhere any time from their tablet. Scalability PowerGP Online is the perfect solution for any [...]

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